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Going Natural Has Never Been Smellier

Going Natural Has Never Been Smellier

Going natural, when it comes to your choice of perfume, has never been smellier and we mean that in a really, really good way. Gone are the days when your only choice of natural scent was a dab of straight patchouli oil or a blend that smelt like bad green juice. There are so many luxe options now and different ways to make the switch, so why not smell like a dream, avoid the nasties & reap the benefits of Mother Nature all at the same time?

So we don’t want to bombard you with fear mongering (because there’s a lot of that out there) but we just want to lay out some facts. About 1 in 3 people have identified some less than ideal health issues when using highly fragranced toxic products. These can include hayfever, headaches, dizziness & nausea. Your choice to switch to a more natural option may also be important if you suffer from an autoimmune condition or a hormonal condition like PCOS or endo as there is some evidence that some of these toxic scents can be hormone disruptors.

Body Mists

If you’re looking for a super easy replacement to your current toxic perfume our Body Mists are the perfect place to start. Our all-natural Elemental Body Mist range features four scents, each created to represent one of the elements. Elevate to represent air, Nurture to represent earth, Cleanse to represent water & Radiate to represent fire. The scents were over 12 months in the making and feature incredibly unique ingredients, including: Lily of the Valley, Labdanum, Peach Accord, Gardenia, Petitgrain, Oud, Oak Moss & Vetiver just to name a few. Using these mists will feel just like using a more traditional perfume and look just as luxe (maybe more) on your bathroom counter. Did we mention they’re also crystal infused?

Essential Oil Rollers

Your next option is our Essential Oil Perfume Rollers. These beauties combine coconut oil with essential oils, are crystal infused and include a crystal rollerball. If you love the idea of gliding on skin loving scents while also benefiting from therapeutic essential oils these might be the choice for you. We’d recommend these if you prefer a lighter scent and our mists if you prefer a strong longer-lasting scent.

Body Oils

If you’re looking for a more multitasking option, then you might choose to ditch the toxic scents and replace them with one of our body oils. We’ve been told by so many of our beautiful customers that they love how long the scent lasts on their skin and how they’ve accidentally ended up replacing their perfume with these beauties instead. Plus your skin gets a moisture burst! What’s not to love?

One thing you might notice as you make the switch to natural is that the scents may not last quite as long on your skin as toxic alternatives. This is because some of the not so nice ingredients are the ones responsible for sticking on the skin for so long. Some tips on helping natural scent to last are, apply to moisturized skin and when using our mists, spray on hair and clothes (from a safe distance so as not to stain). We also like to turn reapplying during the day into a little ritual and a reminder to take a breath and take a few seconds to ground & care for yourself.

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