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Body Oils

A collection of luxurious fast-absorbing body oils containing pure blends of nourishing natural ingredients.

The Power Of Body Oil

It's no secret that we LOVE a good body oil at Bopo Women. They're the epitome of a luxurious skincare ritual and just a few precious drops can create the ultimate self-love moment. Most importantly, they make us feel like Beyonce... Maybe they will do the same for you?

New favourite product. I absolutely love the scent and feel of the self love body oil. It’s my new favourite beauty product and leaves your skin smelling and feeling incredible

Ruby C.

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Body oil is a deeply moisturising product that is used to hydrate and nourish the skin. The biggest advantage of a body oil is its ability to penetrate the skin's outer surface layers while helping it lock in moisture. This makes it suitable for addressing various skin challenges, like dryness and redness. Body oils come in a wide range of qualities, from synthetic and fake fragrances, to all-natural and scented with essential oils. To maximise skin nourishment you should choose body oils that are all natural and use high quality carrier and essential oils.

Yes, body oils are suitable for daily use. Our body oil range is all natural and quickly absorbed so it doesn’t leave skin feeling heavy or greasy. We recommend using your body oil at least three times a week for maximum skin hydration and nourishment.

Unlike traditional moisturisers and lotions, body oils are more easily able to penetrate the skin's surface and infuse it with vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that rejuvenate and restore. Oil also acts as a final occlusive layer which locks in the moisture you apply to your skin and acts as a defense against harsh environmental factors.

Many moisturisers tend to have very low levels of effective or active ingredients and are supplemented with high water levels. Body oil on the other hand delivers far more concentrated and natural nourishment to your skin and if you haven’t tried a body oil before you’ll definitely notice the difference.

All four of our body oils are incredible moisturisers however each has a slightly different purpose. For example, the Tansy Cocoon Body Oil is developed to help calm irritated or inflamed skin. Whereas the the Self-Love Body Oil has been developed to help soften and smooth skin while giving it a delicate floral aroma.

You can use body oil whenever your skin needs some extra love or moisture. However it’s optimal to use your body oil after showering or bathing, when the pores are most open to hydration.

While all our body oils can be used at anytime, the Summer Solstice Body Oil is an amazing morning body oil that will give your skin a light shimmer for the day ahead, whereas the Tansy Cocoon Body Oil has been created as a calming evening blend. The Seeds Of Spring Body Oil and Self-Love Body Oil are all-rounders suited to any time of the day or evening.


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