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March Newsletter

March Newsletter

BTS at Bopo HQ

As always, there are a million things going on BTS at Bopo! We have been working on finalizing the formulations for some incredible new products that you’ve all been asking for. We are so excited to give you what you want! Hint: One involves hands & the other involves your whole body!

In more personal news, I am 35 weeks pregnant with my first which has made releasing our new Mama’s Self-Care Set this week all the more special for me. I don’t know if it’s the hormones but the art on this packaging is enough to give me all the feels instantly! It has been so popular and the thought of so many gorgeous mums getting doted on makes me feel very happy. Mission accomplished xx


Something we can’t stop…

Listening to Ya Ya off Cowboy Carter on repeat.!

Bron xo

Nala's Quote of the month

“This life is mine alone. So I have stopped asking people for directions to places they’ve never been.” - Glennon Doyle

Recipe of the month

The BEST Vegan Moussaka

As the weather gets cooler this recipe is so easy, cozy & delicious! Of course you can use normal mince if you’d prefer. View the recipe here

We tried it for you

We love a good Matcha here at Bopo so when we saw the viral Strawberry Matcha drinks pop up on our feed we just had to try them! We found two popular recipes and recreated both to see which one was the best. Check out the video for the recipes and our verdict on whether the viral Strawberry Matcha is worth the hype! Watch the video on Instagram

Our Team Recommendations

Book Recommendation

When Things Are Alive They Hum - Hannah Bent  

Podcast Recommendation

Who trolled Amber?

TV Show Recommendation

Heartbreak High Season 2

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