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Inspired By Women - Iconic Female Friendships

Inspired By Women - Iconic Female Friendships

Women. We really are an awe-inspiring bunch! We’re constantly moved by the ordinary & extraordinary stories of the women in our lives. As well as those beyond our sphere making their mark on the world.

Welcome to our new series, dedicated to the magic, resilience, ingenuity & compassion that seems to define women doing incredible things. 

Our culture often portrays women as in constant competition, encouraging us to harshly compare, blame and judge. Finding enduring friendship amidst this is something to celebrate and so we thought we’d kick off with some iconic duos who personify healthy female friendship & having each other’s backs. 

Marilyn Monroe & Ella Fitzgerald

Marilyn’s admiration for Ella in the 1950s led to a lasting friendship. Inspired by Ella’s incredible jazz talent, Marilyn decided to use her power to intervene when she was struggling to book gigs. She promised that she’d lend her celebrity to prestigious venue Mocambo in LA for 10 nights in a row if they booked Ella and it worked!

Audre Lorde & Pat Parker

Audre & Pat shared lots of commonality in life experience, as Black lesbian poets, activists and mothers. They exchanged letters for over 15 years, sharpening their literary prowess. Both of them made huge contributions to justice, transformative education and critical race theory and their friendship no doubt supported the sharpening of their views. 

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez

We couldn’t start this series without mentioning Taylena. The friendship between these two proves that even in the glitzy, glamorous and cut throat world of showbiz it’s possible for women to defy the narrative and have long lasting, supportive friendships. They met in 2008 through the Jonas Brothers and have both loudly supported each other ever since, no matter the PR drama that arises!

Oprah Winfrey & Gayle King

Besties for more than 4 decades, Oprah & Gayle have definitely earned their spot on our list! They’ve weathered many a controversy, celebrated each other’s successes and navigated the complexity of friendship all in the public eye. Oprah has spoken countless times about the importance of Gayle’s presence in her life. This is such a good reminder that our female friendships often provide us with deep mutual understanding, love & emotional nourishment that can’t be replaced by anyone else in our lives.

Frida Kahlo & Georgia O'Keeffe

In the 1930’s male-dominated art community, the relationship between Frida & Georgia became a source of strength for them both. This extended beyond the personal and they even influenced each other’s creative process. For example, Kahlo included jack-in-the-pulpit flowers in her work, an element Georgia had previously explored in her work. We love how deeply they supported each other in life but also in their art.

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