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February Newsletter

February Newsletter

BTS at Bopo HQ

February was an incredible and busy month at Bopo HQ! We had our first tradeshow of the year in Sydney and it was so much fun to get the team together, meet so many amazing existing stockists and welcome lots of new ones to our wholesale family. We also got to debut a gorgeous new Mama’s Self-Care Set which will be arriving for you just in time for Mother’s Day.

I was also lucky enough to go to the Era’s tour while we were up in Sydney and it was truly the best night of my life and the closest I’ve been to Barbie Land! As a Swiftie since I was 15, it really was a long time coming and at 28 weeks pregnant I found myself dancing for the entire 3 and a half hours, powered by Hydralytes and muesli bars. My only regret? Not somehow getting a Bejeweled Body Butter into her dressing room!

BTS photos from the trade show and the eras tour

Something we can’t stop…

Eating Bare Self Pregnancy Chocolate.

They also have a block specifically for women’s general hormonal health to eat anytime! Bron xo

Nala's Quote of the month

"I will never have this version of me again. Let me slow down & be with her" - Rupi Kaur

Recipe of the month

Thai-Spiced Rice Bowls

Such an easy & yummy midweek meal and once you’ve made the broth it lasts for a few days. I usually add in a piece of salmon and whatever veggies I have on hand. View the recipe here

We tried it for you

Here at Bopo we love a hack that involves repurposing single use plastic, so when we saw this creative use for an old deodorant tube we just had to try it! If you have a hack or any creative ways for reusing packaging we’d love to know. Tell us in the comments on this post! Watch the video on Instagram

Our Team Recommendations

Book Recommendation

Everyone and Everything - Nadine J. Cohen

Podcast Recommendation

The Runaway Princesses - The New Yorker

TV Show Recommendation

One Day - Netflix

Our Team Recommendations Book Recommendation Everyone and Everything - Nadine J. Cohen  Podcast Recommendation The Runaway Princesses - The New Yorker  TV Show Recommendation One Day - Netflix

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